Every Day’s a Gamble

Every Day's a Gamble

Wake up with the sunrise, coffee’s brewing strong,
A new day on the horizon, where could we go wrong?
The streets are bustling, the world moves fast,
In the game of life, no shadow’s cast.

Morning rush, the daily grind,
Every face I see, like a story to unwind.
On the subway, there’s a quiet fight,
Everyone’s bluffing, hiding their plight.

But in each choice, there’s a chance we take,
Every “hello”, every smile, every heartache.
Life’s a casino, we’re all in play,
Betting on dreams, come what may.

Midday comes, and the sun’s high and bright,
Coffee turns to lunch, we’re halfway through the fight.
A meeting here, a deadline there,
High stakes in the office, a corporate affair.

Tick-tock goes the clock, the afternoon’s a blur,
Decisions on the fly, the lines begin to stir.
It’s a roulette wheel, every turn an unknown,
Spinning on hopes, into the zone we’re thrown.

As evening falls, and the city lights glow,
Off to home or places where night owls go.
Dinner bets on a table for two,
Conversation flowing, connections anew.

Then it’s time for some quiet, the day’s hand dealt,
Reflecting on the cards, how they made us felt.
In the solitude of night, under the star’s soft gaze,
We count our wins, through the life’s maze.

Life’s not just a game of luck, it’s one of skill,
Not just the cards you’re given, but how they fulfill.
From dawn to dusk, in the bets we lay,
Every decision, every move, shapes our day.

So here’s to the gamblers, with dreams in their sight,
Who bet on themselves, from morning till night.
In the grand casino of life, they play their part,
With a gambler’s nerve and a hopeful heart.

Every day’s a gamble, every moment’s a play,
In the life’s casino, come what may.
Win or lose, it’s how you embrace,
The game of life, in this human race.

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