Spinning Wheels, Spreading Hope

Spinning Wheels, 
Spreading Hope

In a world where the lights flash brighter than stars,
Where the slots spin, echoing through the bars,
There’s a rhythm to the chaos, a beat to the night,
A place where chance battles the fight.

But beyond the thrill, the clamor, the coin’s sweet call,
There’s a whisper of hope that sings through it all.
For every spin, there’s a chance, not just to win,
But to give, to support, to help begin.

In the heart of the casino, where fortunes are told,
Lies a story of charity, bold and old.
For every jackpot hit, a portion set aside,
To lift the fallen, to help provide.

Slots for charity, a novel thought,
Turning leisure into battles fought.
Against despair, need, and pain,
Making winners of us all, through the gain.

So here we gather, beneath the neon glow,
To play a part in the grander show.
Where the stakes are high, but not as you know,
Here we spin for those lying low.

A quarter here, a dollar there,
Sent on wings of hope, through the electric air.
From the clink of coins, kindness flows,
Where it lands, a good deed grows.

Imagine a world where every bet,
Serves a cause, settles a debt.
Where the thrill of risk and charitable hearts,
Merge to play the most crucial parts.

Through the night, the reels keep spinning,
Each outcome a new beginning.
For lives touched by gentle hands,
Reached by coins from distant lands.

Casinos bright, with giving at the core,
Turning games into something more.
A sanctuary not just for play,
But for goodwill to lead the way.

So let’s raise the stakes, and share the pot,
In this game of life, give it your best shot.
For in the spin, in the roll of the dice,
Lies the chance to change a life.

This isn’t just about the wins or the losses,
It’s about bridges built, no matter the costs.
In this casino of life, where we place our bets,
Let’s wager on love, and see what it gets.

Together we spin, together we dream,
In a world where nothing is quite as it seems.
Where slot machines can be the start,
Of a jackpot win that comes from the heart.

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